Child care center planned for former Love in Action location

The former Love in Action building on West 8th St. could see a new use as a daycare center.

LEXINGTON — A new child care center in Lexington may be on the way in the building which used to be the location of an area nonprofit.

The Lexington Planning Commission reviewed a conditional use permit for a daycare center to be located at 907 W. 8th St. The permit seeker is Barbara Reeser and the property owner is Refugio Bueno.

Development Service Director Bill Brecks said with a proposed daycare to be located in an R1 residential zone, they must go through the conditional use permit process.

Brecks said finding a use for the location has been a struggle, with a commercial building being located in a residential area, but he said he thinks the applicants have a good use for the location.

As always, parking is a factor in the decision, Brecks said, for every 10 children enrolled at the child center, they need one parking spot, as well as a space for each staff member.

There is space in the back of the lot for eight parking spaces which would be nine feet wide, Brecks said. He added a clause could be added to the permit they can use the frontage road for parking, but doesn’t think it would be necessary in this case.

The child care facility permit is similar to other permits the commission has seen in the past and Brecks said this daycare facility would have to meet all the requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Barbara Reeser made herself available for questions from the commission, she said they would like to keep the donation area used by Love In Action open in case people still wanted to bring in items so they could give them to families in need.

The exact number of children DHHS will license the facility for is not known yet, but Reeser said to start with, they would only be taking on 12 children, but can grow this number as they become established.

According to the floor plan, Reeser plans to add a nursery to the building as well as a 36 inch tall wall to create a front lobby. Kitchen implements will be added in the rear of the space, as well as building walls to cordon off a garage space.

The location formerly was the site of the nonprofit Christian outreach ministry, Love in Action, operated by David Barta. Love in Action shut its doors earlier this year.

The Planning Commission approved the permit and forwarded it to the Lexington City Council. Brecks said there were no applications for January in the new year.

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