LINCOLN — In his latest phone call from prison, convicted felon Aubrey Trail said Monday night that he suffocated Lincoln clerk Sydney Loofe, but says the death was accidental.

Trail also said he’s ready to die for what he did.

“A life for a life — that’s the rules in my world,” he said. “I should be put to death.”

Trail, 53, first told The World-Herald 12 days ago that he was responsible for Loofe’s death, then last week, in another phone call, said that she died just after a Nov. 16 date she had arranged, via the Internet, with Trail’s girlfriend, Bailey Boswell.

But on Monday, Trail, for the first time, described how he said the 24-year-old Loofe died.

“It was suffocation. It happened in Saline County,” he said. Trail and Boswell had been living in a rented downstairs apartment in Wilber, Nebraska, the Saline County seat.

Trail claimed that Loofe was a willing participant in a sexual fantasy with himself and at least two other women in a room but that Boswell, 23, was wiped out on drugs and outside of the room when Loofe died.

There was something around Loofe’s neck when she died, according to Trail.

“It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not,” he said. “It wasn’t meant that she was to die.”

Trail has been calling The World-Herald regularly since he and Boswell were jailed on multiple federal counts of transferring stolen property across state lines.

Before that, the pair had used social media to deny that they were involved in the death of Loofe, whose body wasn’t discovered until Dec. 4.

In his calls, Trail has gradually changed his story, dribbling out more of what he claims were the details of Loofe’s last days, while consistently saying that he alone was responsible for Loofe’s death.

He said he’s told his story to both the FBI and the Lincoln police, and is frustrated that he hasn’t been charged in the death of Loofe.

On Sunday, Trail said he was interviewed again by authorities at a Leavenworth, Kansas, federal holding facility. They would not say when he would be charged, he said.

“Try me. Charge me. Let’s get justice for Sydney Loofe,” Trail said Monday night.

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