Details for Not. of Adoption/Rapalo


NOTICE OF ADOPTION Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง 43-104.14, Brian W. Copley, Attorney at Law, PO Box 1050, 710 N Grant, Lexington, NE 68850, 308-324-5151, does hereby provide the following notice of possible adoptive placement of a minor child: DENNIS RAPALO. You have been identified as the biological father of DENNIS ARNOLDO LOPEZ MORALES, date of birth July 31, 2008. The child was conceived on or about October, 2007, in Lexington, Nebraska and the biological mother intends to join in a petition for adoption of the minor child by the minor child's stepfather. If you are the biological father, you may (i) deny paternity; (ii) waive any parental rights you may have; (iii) relinquish and consent to the adoption; or (iv) file a Notice of Objection to Adoption and Intent to Obtain Custody, pursuant to section 43-104.02, or object to the adoption in a proceeding before any Nebraska court which has adjudicated you to be the biological father of the child prior to your receipt of notice. If you wish to deny paternity, waive your parental rights, relinquish and consent, or receive additional information to determine whether you may be the father of the child in question, you must contact Brian W. Copley at the above address. If you wish to object to the adoption and seek custody of the child, you must seek legal counsel from your own attorney immediately. ZNEZ-Jy17,24,31



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